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A book? What’s that?

<P>Working in Moscow, most books are not hard to come by. I could trot on down to <a href="">BookBerry</a> or <a href="">Globus</a> and pick up a copy of the last Harry Potter book in English. Of course, it would run me about $40-$60, but that is the price of living in Moscow.
<P>Technical books in English are more of a challenge–I have seen a lot of subjects translated into Russia, but have not come across too many English texts. More's the pity, since I just read over the <a href="">Slashdot review</a> for <i>Practical Ajax Projects with Java Technology</i>, and now I. Want. It.


<P>Fresh from <a href="">Michael Levin's weblog</a>: the <a href="">Ajax with Passion online course</a> will be offered starting next week.

ajaxWrite: the next fat client?

<P>Just leaving a digital breadcrumb to look at later: ExtremeTech's <a href=",1697,1947371,00.asp">review of ajaxWrite</a>, together with several other articles:
<P>A subModal derivative <a href="">example</a>,
<P>ParticleTree's <a href="">example of using JSON and AJAX to cache data</a>.

Quick Ajax link, for the new year

<P>Resolutions for the New Year are meaningless unless you're a resolute person. With that mysterious statement out of the way, one of my New Year's Resolutions is a learn more about <a href="">AJAX</a>. I think I found a good place to start: <a href="">24 ways to impress your friends</a>.