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Why does losing your job hurt so much?

Joel Jason Alba lost his job six years ago and started a job search service called JibberJobber. Since then, that’s been his job, together with a number of books, speaking tours, and so on.

Often on his blog, Joel returns to why many people are on a job search in the first place – they were laid off or fired. He gets some good comments on this thread, when he asks why this one things hurts us more than most things.

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Why does losing your job hurt so much?

my saturday morning: TEDxKharkov

This morning, I went to go see the free discussion and presentation for TEDxKharkov, called “Утро с TED”, which was held at IT_Cafe in Kharkov, Ukraine. Overall, the entire affair was in Russian, but some of the recorded talks were in English with Russian subtitles.

The theme for today’s meeting was “полезные советы” or Useful Advice. After a few annoucements we started watching the vidoes.

The first video we saw and discussed was with Jessi Arrington and her theme of ‘wearing nothing new’. She always finds interesting outfits from second-hand stores. This was kind of a weak lead-in for Ukrainians who didn’t know what TED was all about (I saw some people leave right away), and also a strange talk because of the stark difference between second-hand stores in Ukraine vs. second-hand stores in the USA.

EDIT: check out more about Jessi Arrington here. I didn’t want that above paragraph to sound negative about Jessi, but it wasn’t TED’s best introduction, IMO.

The next film was from TEDx Odessa, Boris Khodorkovsky talked about how to manage the barrage of information we accumulate, and how to filter it best:

Our third film was from Thomas Thwaites and his efforts to build a toaster from scratch. Here’s where the talks really started to engage me and the rest of the audience at the IT_Cafe.

The fourth film was clearly the best of all the films; from TEDx Vorobyovy Gory, professional business trainer Radislav Gandapas talked about how to motivate the ‘energy inside us’.

The next video was James Cameron, describing his work between Titanic and Avatar.

What followed were several funny vidoes from TED: one from Jenny Mccarthy about the virtues of marriage, and the next from Charlie Todd’s Improv Everywhere:

While the whole event was a bit long (I had to truck out of there right at 12:30, when it ended), I enjoyed going and hope they’ll keep doing it after the TEDxKharkov event next week.

TEDxKharkov tickets are on sale here, the event is taking place March 31 at Sun City 2 Trade Center, near the Moskovsky Prospect Metro.

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