A true gem about engineering management and ‘always be hiring’

Found a true gem while surfing Hacker News today: http://algeri-wong.com/yishan/engineering-management.html, Engineering Management at Facebook from 2006-2009. I especially liked the Hiring part. Here are a few quotes about why hiring should be foremost in everyone’s mind, from the CEO down to the janitor:

“The quality of coworkers is the single greatest determinant of workplace happiness”

“Hiring is a zero-sum game. Candidates that don’t join your company will join a competitor’s, and your loss will be their gain. If hiring isn’t your number one priority, it’s unlikely you’ll be number one at hiring”

“Successfully hiring the best people at all levels means that down the road, your internal promotion pipeline is strong” – which means that people won’t walk out the door on the first opportunity.

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