5 Russian Actors who could have played Chekhov in the new Star Trek

OK, I saw Star Trek this weekend. JJ Abrams delivered the goods. I liked it. BUT, I did not like the punk kid who played Pavel Chekhov. He was a 17-year-old brainiac, with no Russian characteristics what-so-ever. At least Harold-without-Kumar Sulu had an ass-kicking sword and got to leave the bridge once in a while. Uhura got to become mega-hot. Bones got to become more in-your-face. Even Scotty got to pal around with an Ewok. But Chekhov? Not even hitting puberty, and with the accent which made all the in-jokes fall flat (NB: You have not seen Trek until you have seen it in Russian).

So, here are five real Russian actors who could pull off a Chekhov in the next series. JJ, if you’re listening, give Chekhov some balls next time and pick one of these actors out of a hat:

1. Konstantin Khabensky: Dark and brooding star of the Night Watch and Day Watch movies, Konstantin has already started to get some traction in Hollywood by starring in Wanted. Check this Russian trailer for Admiral Kolchak to get a feel for his ability.

2. Alexey Chadov: If Kostya looks a little too old, then Chadov can be a fair candidate to serve on the Enterprise in his place. Chadov, who also got his acting chops in Night Watch and has moved on to Russian movies such as Heat or Love in the City, is a young up and comer:

3. Gosha Kutsenko: If you want to go the other way and make Chekhov even more meaner and leaner, you can’t rough him up much more than with Kutsenko. Gosha even has experience with fantasy plots, such as the body-swapping comedy Lyubov-Morkov, as this (slightly NSFW) clip shows:

4. Egor Beroyev: As an actor, Egor has seen his share of action movies, as this trailer from the mystery thriller Turkish Gambit shows:

5. Fedor Bondarchuk: OK, file this last one under ‘crazy’ but producer/director/actor Bondarchuk is a leader in the Russian cinema sceme and has recently gotten into science fiction with the Inhabited Island series of films. Take a look:

Fedor himself is only visible in the last five seconds of the trailer, so here’s another brief comedy clip with him in it
(hyping the Naked-gun-esque The Very Best Film 2):

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