More on the Java Job Trend

A long-ish thread on Dzone opened up due to my pontification on Java Jobs in the previous post. James from DZone makes a super valid point in saying that while Ruby jobs may have increased, they are still an insignificant part of the market compared to the sheer number of jobs dedicated to Java or J2EE. Rick adds that it’s all ‘lies, damn lies, and statistics’.

The data, I will admit, is inherently biased, since it is only based on SimplyHired’s own job listings. If you created a trend searcher that polled jobs from, say, Monster + any number of job sites that have sprung up in the last 18 months or so, you might get a more representative trend. And then, you would only get a trend that had a good picture of US job markets, or at least a highly ‘wired’ job market (like the EU).

Note that in the above links I haven’t even gotten into places like craigslist. I have a long-standing theory that posts on Craigslist == a region’s social digital capital, but I have been too lazy to track it.

This graph displays the percentage of jobs that contain your search terms. Since August 2006, the following has occurred:

  • Mortgage jobs decreased 56%
  • Java jobs decreased 29%
  • Zookeeper jobs increased 284%
  • Groovy On Grails jobs increased 4508%

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