skillz, what pay the billz

<P>Just had a read through of Computerworld's <a href=",10801,107363,00.html">what tech skills are hot for 2006</a>, and was glad to see that developers, as well as project managers, are in demand. Having both developed and managed, it's good to see that my skill set isn't quite being put out to pasture just yet.
<P>More interesting than the actual story was the claim that we aren't exporting as many jobs as we think: "most of the stuff that's going offshore are low-level coding jobs", says one researcher from Forrester Research.
<P>It's too bad the quote from Forrester is superficial and doesn't spell out how many low-level computing jobs have gone overseas. It also doesn't spell out whether that is just the case for this year, or several years running.
<P>I'm sure the situation here is more like the following: low-level computing jobs got exported the most in 2005 because a) we had already exported <a href="">enough jobs to India and they aren't able to keep up with demand any more</a>, and b) with time we are starting <a href="">to outsource to rural America, and not abroad</a>.
<P>PS — Checked the links at the bottom and was pleasantly surprised that Computerworld is not exploring the blogging scene. This post is worth a read, if only because they are quoting Tufts students in the article: <a href="">Women, IT and the C-word</a>.

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