Job History.

When I started working ten years ago, I had a BA in Russian and that was it. No technical skills. Some language skills, some office experience, but that was about all that there was. I got a job in the Ukraine after kicking around Austin Texas for a time, after graduation. I was earning 26k. Since I lived outside of the US for 300+ days a year, I got almost all of my taxes back to me. When I left several years later, the salary wasn’t that much higher, but it had always gone up every year, so it was close to 30k.

The other day I saw this on craigslist, and was pretty floored by the job description:

We’re a small Marketing company that has been in the Boston area for twenty years and we’re looking for a new team member to help us expand our web presence. We’re looking for either a PHP expert or a knowledgeable JAVA J2EE developer who has experience with a variety of other Open Source technologies and an expert knowledge of web based technologies like Flash, Cold Fusion, and Oracle. A strong working knowledge of C++ would also be desirable.

The job is full-time. You’ll spend approximately 20 to 30 hours a week as a developer and the remainder of your time filling out other critical roles within the organization: mail room, running errands, answering phones, light cleaning, etc.

We are currently hoping to find someone with either a BS or a Masters in either Computer Science or Software Engineering. You should be able to produce a portfolio of your work and provide three or more references.

The position pays 25k a year and requires travel to Worcester once a month. You can expect full benefits … (etc.)

holy crap, dude.

I can’t wait to stand in line for this one. Does it include toilet-washing, together with the phone and mail duties? At least the company could have billed it as a part time job and spared some college kid the agony of answering the phone after getting a BSCS…but wow.

Is all respect for the IT profession just going out the windows or what?

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  1. Its true – At least this job has an honest description of what the duties are (However shocking they are!) I think respect for people (employees!) in general is going out the window!

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