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Hurricane Katrina Map

<P>With the news about Katrina coming ashore and the <a href="">devastation reported in the city of New Orleans</a>, the media has been clamoring for a map that can accurately describe the cost of the storm, not only in terms of destruction to the state but to the US energy situation. <P><a href="">This map</a>, found through <a href="">Agonist</a>, does the trick.

recommended, highly recommended

<P>Got to post this while I'm thinking of it: <a href="">McSweeney's Recommends</a> is a collection of things, each one not related to another, not in the least:
<P><code>The Man Without a Past<br/>
We may be on a Scandinavian kick (see Show Me Love, below). Probably not. But this is a good flick. It's Finnish, being the second of a trilogy by Aki Kaurismäki. We laughed. Interesting soundtrack too, strangely enough.<br/>

<br/>Hot tea with honey<br/>
Any type will do, but what you have is a spoon, some honey, and hot tea. The real deal is, it's a double delight: not just that honey is a fine, fine additive, but that the spoon used to stir the honey is removed with the slightest layer of residual sugar, and that Darjeeling-basted sweetness is pert near joyous. And that thing about local honey being good for allergies? Seems legit.<br/>

<br/>Small pads of paper, maybe 4 inches by 4 inches<br/>
Lots of times, there are things we want to write down. These do the trick.<br/>

<br/>Not moving<br/>
Because have you ever had to pack your stuff? As if there were ever a more obvious recommendation. We're embarrassed we had to say it.<br/></code>

Site redesign

<P>Something that I've been aching to do for a while is to create my own theme; after some dinking around with CSS, I've not only been able to make the site 'left-handed', but this makes it more like my home pages at <a href="">ArsDigita University</a>. <P>The top photo is a great-looking panorama of Davis Square, Somerville, Mass, captured by fellow Fletchie <a href="">Pamela Beecroft</a>.<P>In short, this is a fun diversion which deserves a lot of tweaks, but it's time to get back to <a href="">work</a>.