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More know-how, less chow-chow: minimalist cooking vids from Talerka publishes cooking vidoes with no words, just technique.
Here he posts Finnish salmon soup, with some musical help.

The full list of ingredients, in case you’re interested: 1 kilo fish
parts for the soup (head, fins, bones), 150 grams fresh salmon or
trout, 1 onion, 1 carrot, 1 green onion (20 cm long, the white part),
2 potatoes, half a tablespoon flour, 2/3 cup cream (22%, use a 250g
cup), 2 tablespoons butter, 1 bayleaf, black pepper corns, parsley,
salt, white pepper.

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This digital life

As blogs go, this is the one account that I’ve had the longest.  It is also the one that gets updated less frequently than others (I think I’ve let it go for as long as a year).  In my digital life, I have a number of places/things/accounts:

My Flickr Account

My Delicious Account

My Friendfeed Account

My Facebook Account

My HackerNews Account

My Twitter Account

My WordPress Blog

My Blogger Blog

My Posterous

My LinkedIn Account

I pay for Flickr.  The others, not so much.  I also blog and tweet for work: My Accounts for OpenClinica: Twitter and WordPress Blog can be found here.

Holey crap, that’s a lot of time spent online.  This doesn’t count my stuff on Google Reader (you can see it in the sidebar though), or other sites such as Reddit or Stack Overflow.  It’s really the first time I’ve put it all in one place.  Some of these are things I’ve been using for the last five years or more.

Most of it is, hmm, how do I say this, not kept up.  I post through Delicious every day; this flows through to FriendFeed and WordPress, building up a linkblog of things I come across every day.  Some longer posts come up through Posterous, which trickle through to WordPress, Twitter and Facebook.  Over the years it has become its own ecosystem, containing a picture of what I’ve been thinking about or reading over the last years.

Now all I need is comments, which is why I reinstated comments earlier today.  We’ll see over time if that’s a good idea or not.

So why come back here?  To begin again.  To blog more openly about my job, my work, and my self.  To blog more about technology.  To blog more about Java, after all, and where it’s going.

It’s late.  It’s Saturday.  It’s freaking freezing outside.  More on this later.