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Chernobyl: 20 years later

<P>We are coming up on the twentieth anniversary of Chernobyl. Kiev native <a href="">Neeka</a> went looking around already and found <a href=""></a> (<a href="">english</a> here), which was the closest city to Chernobyl. The photos are chilling and heartbreaking, to say the very least.
<P><center><img border="0" alt="Photo courtesy of" title="Photo courtesy of" src=""/>

OK, maybe I was kidding about the last Russian link

<a href=""><img src="" border="0" alt="Kursk, in Venice" title="Kursk, in Venice"/></a>
<P>OK, so I finally gave in to blogging pressure and I've created the Russia category, which will contain all things Russian. There we go. Enjoy, after the <a href="">upgrade</a>.

one last Russian link, I promise

<P>While most of us have finished thinking about New Year's resolutions and are going back to work, Russia is still in the midst of their holiday season, having Orthodox Christmas on the 7th of January.
<center><img src="" alt="Dnevnoi Dozor 2006" title="Dnevnoi Dozor 2006"/>
<P>So, as the US was fretting over which film to watch, whether it was Narnia or King Kong, the Russians have quietly created their own Hollywood blockbuster: <a href="">Day Watch</a>, or <i>Dnevnoi Dozor</i>. This is the sequel to the dark thriller <a href="">Night Watch</a>, which came out in 2004 in Russia and is soon to be released by Fox Searchlight pictures.
<center><img src="" alt="Dnevnoi Dozor 2006" title="Dnevnoi Dozor 2006"/>
<P>You can watch one of the trailers <a href="">here </a>(6 meg Quicktime), and you <b>should</b> watch it, even if you don't speak Russian, it just kicks so much ass.
<center><img src="" alt="Dnevnoi Dozor 2006" title="Dnevnoi Dozor 2006"/>

more Russian New Year cheeky fun

<P>Okay, the link leads you to a site in Russian, but the Flash movie at the top of the screen is in a universal language (refresh it a couple of times if you don't see this starting image): <P><a href=""><img src="" alt="Happy New Year 2006 from ORT!" title="Happy New Year 2006 from ORT!"/></a>

cheeky branding fun

<img src="" alt="trust me you have to see it to believe it"/>
<P><img src="" alt="this one too"/>
<P>You either get it or you don't. Happy New Year.